SO THIS is My situation an AWESOME Strawberry Coconut Milk Refresher made mobetta with this double smoked bacon cheddar!  I’m jet off my refreshing encounters with Yahweh God Today We were discussing DEBORAH AND Barak. I’m digging this idea of a Victory Proclamation!  It appears to be a mix of Pride Praise Pomp and Punking the enemy!  AND Acknowledging that vital relationship with Yahweh God that made it all possible. YAHWEH GOD HAD Deborah’s back His ascent CLEAR as the Angels of YAHWEH GOD join HER Praise and right in the middle of it curse the enemies of God!  She  was high up in it so high up in it. The Angels make no announcement they join in For Our revelation folks. I can almost hear them saying Deborah thats how its done!  HER KNOWLEDGE and her LEGISLATION AND DOXOLOGY ARE its basis TOO! Like a Judge in open court she renders Her Verdict and YAHWEH GOD gives this woman space to do it!  THEN if this isnt enough in this heady moment so affirmed SHE shares that honor with another woman JAEL who seized her moment to free her nation from a vicious Tyrant.  I told YAHWEH GOD WE have to study DEBORAH and since that I can’t stop reading Judges 4 and 5! Yahweh God was with DEBORAH to Win. To defeat her enemies and gloat! Because she said Yes in the vacuum of Leadership.  MOTHER Deborah THANK you for igniting your war cry in this women’s heart!  For showing us how its done!  
Sister Lisa Murray
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