THis my situation  MATCHA green tea  in My cup paired Today with a pumpkin seed muffin covered in delicious pumpkin seeds. Today we’re discussing YAHWEHGOD’S glorious COVER.  I’ll set the scene the cloud and the pillar set in place by Yahweh God SHIFT!  In pure military terms the sun and the moon wrapped in a cloud Fall Back in formation and Yahweh God of Israel Mighty in Battle takes the Lead surrounded COVERED and to our innocent amazement he goes on to become a LEGEND WHOA!  YAHWEH GOD He wants us to have before Him Innocent Amazement. We’d call it AWE.  It’s More it’s knowing He is biģger than anything else and that Feeling that knowledge gives you (David had it as a boy “WHO is this Philistine who dares to defy GOD and HIS ARMIES?!!).  The  armies of God his young heart Imagined and Saw in the Spirit were BIGGER Courageous Unstoppable with YAHWEH GOD —INNOCENT AMAZEMENT.  I felt precisely a divine shift Today perhaps you did too.  A LOUD SOUND CAME OUT OF ME !  A divine shift means the battle formation that led you Mighty Warrior has shifted & YAHWEH GOD’S taking the Lead in YOUR deliverance.  In YOUR Ministry. BLESS His holy name. YAHWEH GOD YOU ARE OUR  FUTURE OUR PAST I cant stop praising YOU.  YOU ARR OUR VISION EL SHADDI ELOHIM without a VISION we will perish I implore You Father give us VISION to SEE the old is leaving and the Youth the Young Kings and Queens are coming We See Your Glory in our Youth already You Reign FOREVER Continue to reign in our lives and affairs crush our enemies destroy their plans confuse them confound them terrorize them defeat them amen Right Now and Forevermore Amen!

Sister Lisa Murray


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