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Led By: Trustee Edward Moore
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Contact Phone: 856-465-8141

Second Baptist Church, Moorestown NJ Van Ministry

As of 22 August 2013

The Van Ministry provides needed transportation to its members to Sunday School and Church Service as well as Church related functions. The Trustee Board will, for now, oversee the operations and maintenance of the Church van. In accepting this task the Trustee board will make sure the van is always fueled and serviced.  Trustee Moore will also keep the van fueled so that members of the Transportation ministry will not have to come out of their pockets for gas. This operation requires dedicated people to ensure the safety and the continuation of this ministry.


  1. Be members of Second Baptist Church, Moorestown, NJ
  2. Be at least twenty-five (25) years of age but no older than sixty-five (65) years of age.
  3. Have a valid driver’s license
  4. Have a “clean” driving record (as defined by the Trustee Board)
  5. Be listed on the Church’s “approved driver” list.
  6. Request van usage at the Church office on the provided requested form (once approved, vehicle keys will be kept and can be obtained from the Church office)
  7. Accomplish provided pre-departure checklist prior to each trip departure
  8. Leave at Church office
  9. Leave complete passenger list and contact information with Church office
  10. Report all incidences to required authorities.


  1. Ensure all required maintenance is accomplished and all is in safe working order
  2. Have vehicle(s) serviced and maintenance checked by a qualified mechanical technician at least twice a year (October and May)
  3. Ensure vehicle(s) has all required documentation on board (registration, insurance, etc)
  4. Ensure vehicle(s) has all required safety equipment on board (emergency road kit, first Aid kit, fire extinguisher, etc)
  5. Sign out vehicle on provided form prior to each use
  6. Ensure van is refueled as required
  7. Ensure doors are locked when vehicle is not in use
  8. Drivers are responsible for all passengers safety and behavior
  9. Drivers are responsible to ensure the vehicle(s) is operated in a legal safe manner at all times
  10. Ensure only authorized personnel operate the vehicle(s)
  11. Ensure vehicle(s) is clean after each use


  1. There will be a roster of drivers and this roster will be published and provided to the Pastor, the front office, the Trustee board and sextons.
  2. Members requiring transportation will call the church office no later than Thursday for the upcoming Sunday when requiring transportation to and from the church.
  3. The front office will obtain the name, address and best phone number to reach the church member needing transportation.
  4. The driver on record for the week will be notified by the front office of the persons needing transportation.
  5. The driver will personally call each passenger and notify them of their estimated time of pickup by Friday, and will confirm that the services are still required.  It is recommended that the driver call the passenger a second time, prior to departure from the church on Sunday, to not only alert the passenger of their departure but to confirm they still need the transportation and the estimated time of arrival so that the passenger can be ready.
  6. Sextons will have the van outside the front door of the church by 8:00 AM on Sunday mornings and will hand over the key to the designated driver.
  7. The morning driver is responsible for handing over the key to the afternoon driver.
  8. The afternoon driver upon return will lock the van and drop the key into the letter box opening of the front door leading from Fellowship Hall.
  9. The sexton on duty will retrieve the key and put the van in the garage.
  10. The Church van will be registered in the name of Second Baptist Church, and in the kept in the custody of the Transportation Committee.
  11. The committee must authorize all repairs/or replacements beyond normal service, except for emergency repairs, and be responsible for adequate insurance, license, and annual state inspection.
  12. Use of Church van will be limited to organized groups and activities related to the ministry of Second Baptist Church. Van Trip Sheet and Guidelines Form must be filled out and submitted to the Church Office during normal office hours (10:00 am – 2:00 pm).
  13. When the request is approved, van keys and the van trip sheet will be provided.


  1. The vehicle may be reserved through the church office on a first – come, first – served basis, and based on priority (Transportation for Sunday school and church takes priority)
  2. The Transportation committee is responsible for maintaining the rules and regulations for the van’s operation and usage. Continued operation of/or disposition of the Church van is contingent upon the decision of the Transportation Committee
  3. The Joint Board reserves the right to amend these regulations at any time.
  4. The Church van will not be used to transport freight, furniture, or other large or bulky items.
  5. The Church van may not be borrowed for personal use, loaned or leased outside the church.
  6. The Van key is not to be duplicated. Report lost keys to the Church Office.
  7. Passengers are responsible for their personal possessions on all trips.


  1. Trips exceeding 200 miles one way require two (2) qualified drivers to be present on the trip.
  2. Any traffic violations incurred while driving the church van are the sole responsibility of the driver.
  3. Vehicle must be returned with interior as clean as possible, and all trash removed.
  4. Driver and/or group leader will have full authority and responsibility for keeping order and discipline in the vehicle at all times.
  5. In the event of an accident, the driver shall be responsible for filing appropriate police reports, and reporting any accident to the Church Office and Transportation ministry as soon as safely possible. Pertinent emergency telephone numbers will be included in the van trip sheet.
  6. Copies of these rules and regulations are to be furnished to all drivers, a copy is retained with the Van Trip Sheet in the church office, and a copy is to be furnished to the Transportation Committee and Joint Board.


  1. For safety purposes, Emergency Equipment containing a fire extinguisher, first aid kit and reflective triangles are to be kept in the Van. The driver should make his /her self fully aware of the Emergency equipment location and operation before each trip.
  2. Passenger limitation will be 11, including the driver.
  3. There will be no smoking in the vehicle at any time.
  4. Driver and passengers must keep their seat belts fastened while traveling.
  5. The Church Van is not to be used for towing.
  6. Children under 8 years of age or 80 lbs. must be in a car seat restraint, per State law.  It is the responsibility of the parent to provide such a seat.

The Church Transportation Committee is responsible for the following:

  1. Maintaining a list of approved Church Van drivers that are between the ages of 25 and 65 years with a copy of the appropriate driver’s licenses.
  2. Supervising the use of the church vehicle in accordance with the Church Van Rules and Regulations.
  3. Maintaining vehicle reports, trip log sheets, and other records as necessary.
  4. Ensuring that the van has been returned to the garage with the interior clean, and all refuse removed.
  5. Vehicle has not been damaged (interior or exterior) by last user.
  6. Fuel tank is full, motor oil at proper level, all tires inflated properly, and fluid level checked in radiator. A Transportation Committee representative will be selected to perform the duties as outlined.
  7. Make sure the vehicle is lubricated at proper time, oil changed as required by the operator manual and exterior washed and interior cleaned, if needed.
  8. Report the vehicle usage and any infractions to the Church Transportation Committee and make any recommendations to improve the vehicle operation to the ministry at Second Baptist
  9. Church, Moores town.

The van ministry, while vital and exciting, is challenging for many, even the experienced volunteer. We have to prepare for explosive growth in our ministry, due to the work of the Sunday School Committee, by establishing discipline guidelines. When parents, drivers and children know what to expect, there is less chance for misunderstanding and frustration. Create a safe environment for kids with simple, structural rules.
How to Enforce the Rules

  1. Don’t scold or reprimand children in front of their peers unless the situation calls for immediate action.
  2. Speak in low tones when you want to bring the volume down. Speak loudly to get attention but use this “power” sparingly.
  3. Stoop down to eye level to speak to children. Never stand over them in a manner that could be interpreted as intimidating.
  4. Involve supportive parents when their child misbehaves.
  5. Don’t argue with bus riders. Move the rider your seat on one by you and discuss the matter once you’ve arrived at your destination.
  6. Provide children with the opportunity to do the right thing. Don’t back kids into a corner.
  7. Don’t make threats about discipline unless you are prepared to follow through.

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